Make 2020 YOUR chance to reinvent and create YOUR vision of YOU!

There really isn’t a tomorrow, next week, next month for taking action....there is only now!

1st January....seemingly that one day of the year when so many people all over the world make a list of goals they want to achieve and changes they wish to make to their life. Whether it's a career change, lose weight, get fit, find the perfect partner, drop some bad habits or adopt some good ones, you name it and pretty much someone somewhere has come up with a plan to help them achieve it.

BUT why do so many fail? Is it the enormity of the pressure from THAT date, the influence of family members, friends, loved ones? While some of the above may well be factors, I’ll safely say that there is one primary reason why so many fail to act consistently and confidently on their best intentions and that reason is you or more specifically your subconscious mind that has been moulded by a lifetime of habit forming and learnt patterns of behaviour. Our subconscious mind is incredibly powerful and if you’ve spent years repeating the same ways of being, existing and thinking, then trust me (I know from past experience!), it will make that job of sticking to your goals that much harder. Your subconscious doesn’t like change and it will do anything to undermine your very best efforts and it has an amazing ability to do it in the most subtle of ways.

So does that mean you should just give up now on your goals, dreams and ambitions? Well if that’s what you really want and you’re comfortable and content, then you have every right to go right ahead and carry on as you are. No one should stand in your way, it is your life after all and you are the King or Queen of your domain.

I spent years when I was younger dreaming of being a songwriter and producer and making music a full time career but that was it, it was just a “dream”. I didn’t have the courage to take action, to acquire the knowledge and skills required, to get up off my ass and do something about it. But then something changed a few years ago, a realisation of where my professional life was headed (which wasn’t very far). I was tired of just dreaming and waiting for something to happen. I was literally sick of how it was making me feel. I’ve dealt with, on and off for years, moderate generalised anxiety disorder and this was only made worse by the lack of progress in my musical ambitions.

So I made a plan and wrote it down. I made a wish list of goals I wanted to achieve and have kept it close ever since. I joined songwriting communities, I started producing demos after demos, writing with anyone who’d have me, hustling here, there and everywhere! I’ve had many failures and polite “no’s” from the music industry and I’ve had some spectacular YES’s too! It’s par for the course, rejection is the one constant you can rely on in the music industry. Did that mean I gave up? Hell no! Sometimes I have moments when the rejection hits hard and of course it gets me down, I’m only human but I never entertain the thought of giving up because this is me, this is what I do and I love it.

In the last few years I've been fortunate to have had songs I've co-written and produced, cut and released by artists all over the world garnering hundreds of thousands of streams and radio play. I've also produced and co-written a song that is to be featured in a major feature film that will be released in the next few months. I get to work, write and produce with some amazingly talented artists and have built up great relationships with some of the best record labels and music publishers in the business. Every time an artist gets in touch wanting to work with me as a producer my immediate thoughts are about how can I best serve them. What can I do to help create and bring their artistic vision to life? What does this artist want to say, where are they going? My job is to help make them realise their own dreams and by doing so, I’m realising my own. I’ve now achieved many of the goals on my initial wish list but guess what, I now have a whole new list for 2020 and I’ll be damned if I don’t achieve them in some way this coming year!

If you’re really determined and you really want to create change in your life, then accept that it’s going to get really uncomfortable from time to time as you grapple with the “old you”. All those thoughts and niggling voices will tell you “not to bother” and “you won‘t succeed”. They will be so damn persistent from time to time and you will be tempted to give up any thoughts of change you have. My advice is to not fight those feelings of doubt but accept them for what they are, they’re just thoughts. Welcome them but don’t attach or build a story around them. Here’s another thing, the more you stick to your plan, the more you focus and take action on your goals, then eventually this “new you” will become embedded in your subconscious thoughts and actions. You are literally creating new connections in your brain a “rewire” for a new you.

So whether you decide to make the changes you so desire today, the first day of this new decade, or you put it off a few months, it’s up to you. Your life is in your hands, your thoughts, feelings, ambitions, dreams are yours and yours only. No one can ever take that away from you.

There’s only one person who can hold you back and I think you know who that person’s down to you.

Wishing you a truly wonderful 2020....make it count!

Dan x

If this has resonated with you you are more than welcome to share this. If you’re an artist or songwriter and unsure of your next steps or need help with any of your planned releases, then get in touch and let’s chat.

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