These artists and songwriters know exactly where they’re heading…...The importance of goal setting!

It's been nearly six months since DSM’s last blog post where I talked about making 2020 the year that artists and songwriters realise the vision they have for their future. Who could have known, at the time, how the world was about to change and be thrown into turmoil, the likes of which, many generations had not witnessed in their lifetime.

From a music industry perspective, artists, songwriters, publishers, record companies and managers have had to adapt in ways they couldn’t have imagined. It’s been far from easy for many artists and for some, the lack of performing income has been devastating to their earnings. However, during lock down something curious has also been happening to the mindsets of many artists and songwriters I’ve come to work with. Suddenly, there was a focusing of minds and hearts in their self belief and determination to succeed both professionally and creatively. It’s not that they didn’t have this determination or self belief previously, they definitely did but what isolation and lock down did, was to give them more time to assess what they truly wanted to say, what they wanted to aim for and how they wanted to do it.

"it doesn't get any better than seeing the artists I work with exceed their goals"

As a music producer and songwriter, it really doesn’t get any better than seeing the artists and writers I work with, reach, and in some cases, exceed their goals. I hope to inspire, nurture and encourage all the artists I work with but equally it’s also hugely inspiring to me, when I see them take what they’ve made with me in the studio, out into the wider world. I also like to help them with the promotional side of things as well. Sometimes that’s just a case of providing tips on releasing their music as an independent artist on Spotify, Apple etc. Other times, it’s about providing advice on pitching their music to record labels and music publishers. I firmly believe in the idea that my relationship with the artists doesn’t end after the completion and delivery of the finished mixes of their songs. Ultimately I care about their next steps, plans for release and brand development. I very much have an open door policy where I encourage them to keep in touch with me about their plans and if there’s any way in which I can help.

"You’ll be massively surprised at what you can achieve when you put your mind and heart into it."

It’s vitally important, if you are an independent artist and songwriter, that you have a plan for what comes next, once you have your finished masters. It’s all very well having what you believe to be the best song in the world, if it’s just going to sit gathering digital dust on your hard drive. Nobody is going to just happen upon your musical gems by way of telepathy (as nice as that would be!). I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you’ve got to make it happen. In today’s business, you are not only the artist but you are also the record company, song plugger, manager, publicist and tour manager. Take ownership and make it happen. That doesn’t mean you’re completely on your own, you may have a manager or maybe you have a music producer there to give advice ( funnily enough I happen to know of one!). Utilise those who care about you and your career, who want you to succeed. You’ll be massively surprised at what you can achieve when you put your mind and heart into it.

Finally on that note, I wanted to name check just a handful of the artists and writers I’ve had the pleasure of working with at DSM Music over the last few months...keep an eye out for some exciting music coming from them soon. These guys know exactly where they’re heading and what it takes!

Katie Connor

UK based pop/singer-songwriter. Katie’s lyrics speak with a refreshing honesty and heartfelt message of hope against adversity. Singing about real issues, close to her heart, her soft and beautiful voice translates this message in a way that I’m sure is going to garner her more and more fans over the next 12 months.


UK based pop/rnb artist. I've just completed work on Darshae's upcoming single release "No Rules" and it's no exaggeration to say that this girl can sing and write a tune! Phenomenal vocals and an incredible sense of knowing exactly where she's going and how she's going to get there!

Simon Brobyn

Simon is a UK based songwriter who writes for other artists as well as film/TV sync placements. He has written for acts as diverse as "Pull n Way" and "Ronan Parke". I've produced numerous songs of Simon's and he has a real knack for writing melodies that draw you in and keep you captivated. If you need a "hit" then without a doubt, you'd be foolish not to seek him out!

Ben Davidson

UK based pop/singer-songwriter. I've been working as Ben's co-writer and producer for over 2 years, having produced half of his debut album and now principal producer and co-writer of album number two (due out later this year). It's almost bordering on criminal that the whole world isn't yet singing and listening to Ben's music. An incredible artist with an incredible voice, he writes and sings from the heart. He's achieved so much over the last few years and his star is rising evidenced by the international chart placings he's achieved with his last few releases. Just wait until you hear his new single!

Sean Smith

UK based pop artist and one half of X-Factor finalists "Same Difference". I've been fortunate enough to have produced two songs on Sean's upcoming album (due out in July). He's an artist with a strong sense of who he is and what he wants and a pleasure to work with. He's seen incredible success as one half of "Same Difference" but in the last few years he's concentrated on his solo career. Judging by the tracks I was asked to produce, I have a feeling his upcoming work will be ranked up there as his best yet!

All these artists above care about where they're heading, they inspire me in their quest to better themselves and get their message out to the world.

If you're an artist that is ready to follow your heart, make and release the music you have inside of you then get in touch today and let's start planning the next step of your journey!

Take care and good luck!

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