"I was very fortunate to have found one of Dan's songs 'Learning to let go' which I cut and released to critical and commercial success.  To describe Dan's talent is too difficult, just listen to the songs he has written & produced to get an idea of the immense talent he has.  Get this guy on the up because he is going to the top!!"

                         - Ben Davidson.  Singer / Songwriter.  Energise Records                                      

"Dan is a talented, professional & hard working producer who has been a pleasure to work with.  I would highly recommend his songwriting & production skills which are outstanding.  Look forward to working a lot more with Dan in the future"

 - Stefan Pellett.  SPMusic Management

"Dan was a great positive surprise.  This dude has a feeling for a HIT.  Further he acted super professional and is one of the guys who never gives up, until the perfect song for this specific act is written.  Really looking forward to working with him again"

- Pedro R (Lerocque).  Swiss Pop Artist.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Dan on a few projects.  He is extremely professional, friendly & a very hard worker.  The quality of the songs he produces are outstanding & far exceeds expectations.  I have been blown away by his talent. I have worked with many producers in the past, but none compare to Dan's professionalism & ability to produce such high-quality songs.  I would highly recommend Dan for any production job!"

- Kim Williams.  Songwriter. 

"Dan is extremely professional.  He is great at interpreting exactly what I want into a beautiful music production.  I have had a couple of songs Sync Licenses because of Dan's beautiful work" 

- Jody Stewart-Regner.  Songwriter. 

"I was overjoyed with the production that came back from Dan.  It completely transformed my record.  He was understanding towards me as an artist & worked tirelessly to make sure I was happy with the end product.  I would highly recommend his work to anybody looking to release high quality music." 

     - Sean Smith.  UK Pop Artist & Former X-Factor Finalist

"As a songwriter I have worked with many terrific studios & producers in Nashville & L.A.  However, from the first song I had produced by Dan, it was immediately obvious that his mastery in understanding & building a songs arc would connect powerfully with listeners on an emotional level.  The results spoke for themselves, as the song was immediately signed by a major Nashville music publisher.  I am so looking forward to our next project together." 

- Avrim T.  Songwriter. 

"Working with Dan remotely was great! 

He provided detailed and straightforward instructions for the demo vocal requirements, communication was friendly, easy and professional and the resulting track sounds fantastic! A great guy with an excellent professional approach and outcome - I highly recommend."

 - Nicki Murphy. Session Vocalist

"Collaborating with Dan is an absolute pleasure. He brings a positive attitude and professional approach to every project we work on. His musical and songwriting sense is top-notch and his productions are well-executed. What's more, I've very much enjoyed getting to know him personally and feel like I have made a true friend. I highly recommend working with Dan on your next production."

             - Joseph DeNatale. Vocalist/Songwriter

"Dan was the producer of my debut single "Crown Victoria" and it was a lovely experience. He listened to all my ideas and worries and gave me such great advice when recording my vocals. He is beyond talented and very approachable, making the production journey smooth, creative and friendly. Also, he gives quality results in record time! I am very happy with the finished song and am looking forward to work with him again soon. Highly recommend."

- Edua. Pop Artist

"I recorded a track with Dan after he offered me to do the vocals for one of his master pieces "Different Streets". His professionalism made the experience so enjoyable , it was so slick and I was completely put at ease. He knew what he wanted but also gave me the chance to put my own twist on parts. The track blew me away and once completed I can hand on heart say I cried at how great it was. I am in awe of all the work Dan has written / produced and would work with him again without a doubt.
Live the dream Dan. You deserve every success. What an honour working with you."

- Dawn Christy. Pop/Cabaret Singer

"Amazing writer, lovely person and great guy to make business with! Highly highly recommended... trust me on this!"

- Andy Prinz. A & R Director Muve Records

"Dan is an excellent professional. You can give him an idea of a song and he develops great and excellent sounding tracks around it and also willing to make changes on tracks until you are completely satisfied with the music. Highly recommend."

- Atila Nad. Turkish Artist

"I was fortunate enough to come across Dan after an online search looking for a new producer for my songs. After listening to the work on his website and an initial meeting with Dan I was confident that I had found the right person… and I was right!

 To say that Dan “delivered the goods” with my songs is an understatement. I write songs in a variety of genres that can be vocally challenging and Dan is able to source the best singers to get the song nailed. He is an extremely talented musician and producer and 100% professional - plus he’s a really nice guy!

Dan Scholes is definitely someone you should be working with if you are serious about your musical career.

Can’t wait to get my next project started!"

 - Simon Brobyn. Songwriter (Ronan Parke & Pull n Way)

My good friend Ben, a seasoned musician, (whom I have worked with the past) upon hearing the two tracks that Dan had produced for me commented that my meeting Dan was comparable to the Beatles teaming up with Brian Epstein. Indeed Dan had figuratively taken a couple of grainy music tracks of mine and reproduced them in technicolour. All things being equal, "Do More" should be blaring out of loud speakers in pubs and clubs up and down the land soon. Dan is a highly talented producer and a gentleman to boot. I am sure that in the not too distant future his name will be mentioned in the same breath as the other Beatles linchpin Sir George Martin.

- Sam Ifon. Songwriter/Artist


I am a producer/mixer/arranger/songwriter who was brought up in the iconic music city Liverpool made famous by The Beatles. I've been working as a producer and songwriter for over 20 years and graduated with honours at Paul McCartney's Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. As a songwriter and producer I have had cuts with artists across the UK, Europe, USA and South America. Songs I have co written and produced have landed sync placements on Films and TV networks including BBC, Sky Sports, BT Sports, Channel 4 and Channel 5.  

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