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DSM offers production, mixing, songwriting and artist development

Music Production l Mixing l Mastering I Artist Development

Music production and artist development for ambitious pop singer-songwriters

Dan Scholes is the producer and artist mentor behind DSM

Thanks for visiting! My name is Dan Scholes and I'm a music producer, mixer, songwriter and artist mentor based in Liverpool in the UK, specialising in pop, indie-pop and singer-songwriter genres, with over 20 years experience in the music industry.

Every project I work on has a unique story to tell and every artist and songwriter has their own vision. My goal is to help make your songs sound like they do in your head and bring that vision of yours to life.


I have produced, mixed and written songs for many artists, record labels and music publishers that have amassed millions of streams and radio play worldwide including songs featured in film and TV.

The power of the internet means that alot of the artist projects I work on is remote work meaning I am able to work with artists from all over the world as well as the UK. Infact I've produced, mixed and mentored artists and songwriters from as far as Europe, USA and Canada.

Watch the video below and then book a call with me by filling in the project planner below the video.


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Bobby John 
Topliner, songwriter, session vocalist

"Dan is the MAN!!! I've traveled through Japan, Nashville, Paris, Canada, songwriting and toplining with and for a bunch of major labels and publishers. Even at top levels, there are lazy producers who phone it in on records and just do the 'whatever', and then there are the very few like Dan who no matter the song, the day, the vibe, just freaken gets it! He's giving all he's got, goes above and beyond, calls you out on stuff that could be better, throws valuable input each step of the way, is a creative machine, and is gunning for the absolute best each time. That's definitely who I want on my team. Songs are just better when Dan is involved, PERIOD!!!"


The DSM music studio

DSM is all about bringing your songs & creative vision to life.

I work with artists and songwriters who are passionate about their art and ambitious in their goals. As a songwriter myself, I know what it means to put your heart and soul in to the songs you write and how important it is to realise the vision your have in your head of how they should sound.

This where I come in. I help take your songs and best ideas and transform them into fully produced, high quality, ready to be released tracks that will get you the results you deserve.


I take a very hands on, personal approach to every project I work on, guiding you through the process every step of the way from pre-production, production to mixing and finally mastering.


For the many independent artists I work with, I know that writing and producing your music is only half the story. I want nothing more than to see you succeed and gain the fans and recognition you deserve. So once we have the finished master of your song complete, we can then discuss and put a plan together, not only to get your music out into the wider world, but by also formulating a release strategy that will help build interest, fans, and listeners.



I offer a full music production service which includes recording, mixing and mastering. I'll take your songs from the early demo stage to "radio ready" final release helping you creatively every step of the way.


It all starts with the song.....If you need help with the creative process of writing and structuring your songs then look no further. I'll

shape your ideas into fully formed songs both lyrically and melodically.



I'll take your individual stems and create a final mix and master that will translate well across all listening platforms. A great mix and master will elevate your song to a level that can compete with the best of the best.

Once your song is mixed and mastered, I will help you to devise a plan and release strategy for your song, providing support and mentorship along the way to ensure your releases don't get lost amongst the many thousands of songs released daily on Spotify and other platforms.

Artist Performing on Stage

Ready to get started?

If you'd like to find out more and talk to me about how we can work together, all you need to do is click the link below to launch the project planner form and answer a few questions so we can book a call to chat further.

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